What we have heard from people trying our sauerkraut….

Hoganville Family Farms

“Kraut has never looked right, but this is actually really good!”
        –1st time kraut tester and picky eater 

“That is extraordinary!”  

“I’m sorry I’ve always said I didn’t like it.”
        –Mark, (who has never tried it and always refused it.)

“My friend makes her own, but I like yours better. I’ll take a jar for sure.”

“I bought one the other day, but haven’t opened it yet… Mind if I sample? (Of course, please do!)  Oh, that’s good... I’m going to go ahead and get another jar now. ”

“I just went and saw my buddy who’s studying in Austria and had a bunch of sauerkraut over there; I wanna see how good yours is.”  chomp, chomp, chomp...“Yep, it’s legit.”   
       –Collin, college student

I bought a jar today at the Weston Applefest and love it! Glad to know its also available down the street from me at the Bush Farm Stand (151/Blackbob).  I noticed you don't use vinegar.

I must commend you on your Sauerkraut.    Erinnert mich an Deutschland. Halten Sie die gute Arbeit!