"I’m sorry I’ve always said I didn’t like it.”

–Mark, (who has never tried it and always refused it.)

“Kraut has never looked right, but this is ​actually really good!”
–1st time kraut tester and picky eater 

"I bought one the other day, but haven’t opened it yet… Mind if I sample? (Of course, please do!)  Oh, that’s good... I’m going to go ahead and get another jar now. ”

"I must commend you on your Sauerkraut.   Erinnert mich an Deutschland. Halten Sie die gute Arbeit!"

(Translation:  Reminds me of Germany.  Keep up the good work!

“My friend makes her own, but I like yours better. I’ll take a jar for sure.”

“I just went and saw my buddy who’s studying in Austria and had a bunch of sauerkraut over there; I wanna see how good yours is.”  chomp, chomp, chomp...“Yep, it’s legit.”  

–Collin, college student

“That is extraordinary!


What we have heard from people trying our sauerkraut….

Hoganville Family Farms