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A New Generation of Sauerkraut

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So why our sauerkraut?...

There’s a reason why family recipes live on.  Our family’s style of sauerkraut has survived moves over three continents and into the modern day.  Generations of our grandmothers cultivated rows of plentiful cabbage in the family garden, sliced it, and packed it all by hand.  Despite modern inventions, not much has changed.  We still select the ripest and freshest cabbage, slice it in our kitchen, and pack it with our own two hands. The spirit of our family lives on through food and now it is passed on to you.  Enjoy!

Pratt couple fermenting a plan for retirement...

How we got here...

Our family has been making sauerkraut FOREVER. Over the years, we received compliments from friends stating how much they liked it. And when Jeff flew alongside another pilot who encouraged him to get it out there commercially, he looked into it more. And thus, Hoganville Family Farms was born  in 2011!

Hoganville Family Farms specializes in naturally fermented sauerkraut...

Hoganville Family Farms

Antique sauerkraut recipe revived in downtown Baldwin City kitchen...